Zelle Instructions

How to send your entry fee with Zelle

  1. Login to your bank from your computer, or using your bank’s phone app, and navigate to the “transfer & pay” section.
  2. Select “Send Money with Zelle”
  3. Add CAGD as a recipient, using our email: Zelle@cagdgolf.org
  4. Select “Send Money to Recipient”
  5. Enter $140.00 as the amount – we will only accept FULL payment from ONE person for the entry.
  6. Be sure to click the send “now” option, not the “2-day” option! There is no extra fee to send “now”
  7. Enter your last name and partner’s last name in the memo area: Name1/Name2
  8. Click “SEND”
  9. Zelle will send a confirmation code to your cell phone or email (your choice).
  10. Enter confirmation code, then “CONFIRM SEND”


Now, you can ask your partner to send their $70 share to you from their Zelle app!

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