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Central Arizona Golf District is a non-profit “mega league” in the Greater Phoenix and Central Arizona area.

“CAGD” has more than 1,300 members, and all of our members are also members of the many individual clubs and leagues across the Greater Phoenix area, as well as other counties located in Central Arizona.

For a small $8/year membership fee, we

  • Organize 5 – 6 tournaments per year so players from all the many Central Arizona ladies clubs can compete and have fun. Our tournaments are held at premier public and private courses and are followed by prizes and luncheon after the round. Our tournaments are two-person net best ball. Visit our upcoming tournaments to see this year’s schedule.
  • Organize 5 Blind Draw events, which are held by local leagues at their own clubs one day a month during Blind Draw months and pay cash prizes to winners of randomly selected pairings from across our entire membership. For more details visit our blind draw page.
  • Donate a substantial portion of membership fees to local charities that help support and promote golf to youth. You can learn more about charities we’ve selected in the past by visiting our charities page.

Any player with an official GHIN handicap who is also a member of any Arizona Golf Association sanctioned women’s league is welcome to join our league and participate in our tournaments.

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