Blind Draw (Intra-District)

Many of our members prefer to just participate in the five CAGD Blind Draw events that are held at their local leagues. These fun events match your score with the score of a randomly drawn player from another participating ladies club anywhere in the Central Arizona area. The lucky winning pairings win cash prizes!

  • Cost to enter is just $1.00 per event!
  • Played at your own league and your own club.
  • Played one day per month in January, February, March, April and November.
  • Your league will pick which day will count towards Blind Draw in each of the eligible months.
  • Your club’s CAGD Representative is in charge of collecting money and scores for your league’s participating players for each month.
  • All scores and Blind Draw checks are sent to the Blind Draw chair by the last day of the month.
  • Blind Draw Chair will randomly match scores from all clubs each month.
  • Winning pairings will receive money by the 20th of the following month!

You can find the Blind Draw draw form on the forms page, or just click the link below.

Contact our Blind Draw Chair with any questions:

Terry Klatt
14014 N. Thunderbird Blvd – Sun City, AZ 85351
Phone: 612-501-6985

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