Honorary Awards

The Nell Ellenberger Award

“In appreciation for the time, talent and love you have given Central Arizona Golf District.”

The Nell Ellenberger Award was established in 1991 to periodically recognize outstanding service to the Central Arizona Golf District. CAGD has been proud to present this award to nine women who have made significant contributions to our organization since 1991:

Carolyn Suttles receives the Nell Ellenberger Award at the 2018 CAGD annual meeting.
2018Carolyn Suttles
2013Connie Phelps
2011Carol Peterson
2008Ann Szumowski
2005Mary Smits
2000Colleen Green
1996Margy Knievel
1993 Gen Turney
1991Nell Ellenberger

Honorary Member Award

Marilynn Smith, World Golf Hall of Fame

On November 7, 2007, Marilynn was made an Honorary Member of Central Arizona Golf District. Marilynn was a trailblazer in advancing opportunities for women in golf, and she had a distinguished golf career with many accomplishments:

  • She was a co-founder of the LPGA, and served 3 years as their President
  • Co-founded the LPGA Teaching Division
  • First female TV commentator at PGA Tour Golf tournament
  • Organized first senior women’s professional golf tournament
  • Is a member of eight Halls of Fame including the World Golf Hall of Fame.

She was born in Kansas and lived at PebbleCreek in Goodyear until her death in 2019. She was dedicated to rewarding young female golfers with scholarships through the LPGA Foundation’s Marilynn Smith Scholarship Fund. Her book, “Have Clubs, Will Travel” is a wonderful story about her life.

Marilynn Smith

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