Important Changes about Tournament Registration

Central Arizona Golf District recognizes that our members are a diverse group of ladies, with varying degrees of computer access and comfort levels. Your Executive Committee wants to make sure all of our members can enter and pay for our tournaments using whatever method is most comfortable for them (mail or online).

The Executive Committee also wanted to make sure that all members have an equal and fair opportunity to get into our tournaments, regardless of what method they use to enter. We felt it should not be necessary for our members to try to guess days required for mail delivery, and try to time mail-in entries to arrive on exactly a specific date. It also should not be necessary for members to sit at their computers and wait for an exact moment an event “opens” for online registration.

With these things in mind, the Executive Committee voted to implement a new process to enter tournaments. We felt this was fair and equitable to all members, regardless of which method they want to use to enter our tournaments.

  • Registration for tournaments will open sooner, usually 3-4 weeks before the event.
  • Registration will remain open for five days.
  • Entries will be accepted via regular mail or online registration throughout the entire Registration Period.
  • Entries are NO LONGER processed on a “first-in” basis. It is only necessary to make sure we receive your entry during the Registration Period.
  • No tournament entries will be confirmed or wait-listed until after the Registration Period has ended. All entries (both mail-in and online) will be processed at once, after the last day of Registration.
  • If at the end of the Registration Period, we have received more entries than spots available, a random drawing will determine which teams are placed on the waiting list.
  • If you are entering via regular mail, send ONE check for $140 with your entry.
  • If you are entering online, DO NOT send payment with your entry! You will need to send your $140 Zelle payment within 48 hours of being notified that you are on the tournament roster.
  • Entries received by regular mail or online prior to the first day of the Registration Period will be DISCARDED.
  • Zelle payments received by players before they have been notified by the Tournament Director that they are on the tournament roster, will be refunded, minus a $15 service fee.

We would like to thank all of our Reps and members for their valuable input about the registration process. The Executive Committee carefully considered all comments and feedback, and feel that the new process will relieve a lot of stress for both players and tournament staff, so that we can all continue to enjoy our fun tournaments.

CAGD Executive Committee

PresidentKaren Shreve
Vice PresidentJody McComb
TreasurerCarol Sanders
SecretaryLinda Laning
Membership ChairLinda Thompson
Tournament DirectorMargaret Stephens
Site CoordinatorArdie VanDenbos
Past PresidentSue Harrison

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