Blind Draw Prize Pool Increased

During our January meeting, the Executive Committee voted to increase the prize pool for our Blind Draw events. The pool was increased from $500 per event to $600 per event.

Five blind draw events per year are held at participating local clubs. The cost is $1 to enter. Winners are award cash prizes from the $1 entries, plus the event prize pool from CAGD.

Many (actually the majority) of our members have lots of fun participating in the five blind draw events that are held at their local clubs each year.

The club’s CAGD rep collects one dollar from each player participating in that month’s event, then sends the money and scorecards to our Blind Draw Chair.

Our Blind Draw Chair then randomly matches scorecards for that month with other participating players from across the entire Central Arizona membership. Winning pairs are then award cash prizes.

Cash prizes are returned to the CAGD reps, who then deliver the cash to their winning players.

If your club is interested in participating in the CAGD blind draw events, contact our Membership Chair at

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