2023 Champions

Congratulations to our 2023 CAGD Tournament Champions!

The following pairs have placed either first gross, or first or second net in the 2023 CAGD tournaments, and are eligible to play in our Tournament of Champions event being held on Jan 8, 2024 at the Wigwam Resort in Goodyear, AZ. Registration is open now, and will close on Jan 2, 2024, so go ahead and send your registration to Cheryl Wente.

Amberson, SuziFettis, LisaRavenN2
Anderson, BethFranck, JosetteRavenN1
Anderson, BethStubbs, TeresaSuperstition SpringsN1
Baker, MollySobba, LisaLos CaballerosG1
Bellach, ReginaHamilton, BeckyRobson RanchG1
Bene, DebraCaldwell, MarieRavenG1
Bonin, TheresaDodds, JulieBriarwoodN2
Brickey, SharonKirkwood, LavoneBriarwoodN1
Brown, PattyNewell, JudyLos CaballerosG1
Bruchez, PattyFlannery, DawnRobson RanchG1
Budrow, DebraFettis, LisaLos CaballerosN1
Burnett, ShelleyHayes, MaryRobson RanchN2
Burtis, CandyJohnson, BobbieRavenG1
Caldwell, MarieBene, DebraRavenG1
Caves, MargieCooley, JudyRobson RanchN1
Christensen, SallyMcComb, JodyRavenN1
Cockerill, JudyHimes, AlisonBriarwoodG1
Cooley, JudyCaves, MargieRobson RanchN1
Craig, DonnaWeidenbach, LindaLos CaballerosN2
Crawford, PatriciaMason, DianeSuperstition SpringsG1
Crawford, PatriciaSorensen, LynnetteRobson RanchN1
Cribbs, NancyHowell, KathleenRobson RanchG1
Cross, JacqueKindler, DianeBriarwoodG1
Daehling, PattiGenrich, SandiBriarwoodN1
Daehling, PattiSemin, JanRobson RanchN2
Darnell, JudyRitter, ColleenRobson RanchN1
Dinardo, BarbaraSchuller, B. J.RavenG1
Dodds, JulieBonin, TheresaBriarwoodN2
Dowd, LizWilliams, RonaRobson RanchG1
Eto, GailLake, PamLos CaballerosN1
Fettis, LisaAmberson, SuziRavenN2
Fettis, LisaBudrow, DebraLos CaballerosN1
Flannery, DawnBruchez, PattyRobson RanchG1
Flannery, DawnFranck, JosetteBriarwoodN1
Flannery, DawnHarrell, MarvaSuperstition SpringsN1
Flannery, DawnStubbs, TeresaLos CaballerosG1
Forbes, LauraMarkley, WendyLos CaballerosN2
Franck, JosetteAnderson, BethRavenN1
Franck, JosetteFlannery, DawnBriarwoodN1
Fullington, SallyTanke, RobynRobson RanchG1
Funk, LindaJohnston, MaryBriarwoodN1
Galbraith, JaniceLucas, VickiLos CaballerosN1
Genrich, SandiDaehling, PattiBriarwoodN1
Hamilton, BeckyBellach, ReginaRobson RanchG1
Harrell, MarvaFlannery, DawnSuperstition SpringsN1
Hayes, MaryBurnett, ShelleyRobson RanchN2
Himes, AlisonCockerill, JudyBriarwoodG1
Hopp, JoanKrapfl, RobinBriarwoodN1
Horner, DebbieRitter, ColleenSuperstition SpringsN2
Horner, DebbieWeaver, ShirleyRobson RanchN2
Howell, KathleenCribbs, NancyRobson RanchG1
Hrdlicka, RhondaSadeckas, CarolBriarwoodN2
Jackson, PatToller, DonnaRobson RanchN2
Jenson, GloriaSelegue, LindaRavenN1
Johnson, BobbieBurtis, CandyRavenG1
Johnston, MaryFunk, LindaBriarwoodN1
Kindler, DianeCross, JacqueBriarwoodG1
Kirkwood, LavoneBrickey, SharonBriarwoodN1
Klasse, LeighLucas, VickiBriarwoodG1
Krapfl, RobinHopp, JoanBriarwoodN1
Lake, PamEto, GailLos CaballerosN1
Lathrop, KellyTownsend, Lee AnnRobson RanchN2
Leaper, LyndaMason, DianeLos CaballerosN2
Logan, ZaraOrthen, DeniseBriarwoodN2
Lucas, VickiGalbraith, JaniceLos CaballerosN1
Lucas, VickiKlasse, LeighBriarwoodG1
Madison, WendyMartin, ConnieLos CaballerosN2
Maglio, KarenRoberts, CarolLos CaballerosN1
Markley, WendyForbes, LauraLos CaballerosN2
Martin, ConnieMadison, WendyLos CaballerosN2
Mason, DianeCrawford, PatriciaSuperstition SpringsG1
Mason, DianeLeaper, LyndaLos CaballerosN2
Mayfield, BarbaraStevens, JoAnnLos CaballerosG1
McComb, JodyChristensen, SallyRavenN1
Meidl, DebbieVandenbos, ArdisLos CaballerosG1
Newell, JudyBrown, PattyLos CaballerosG1
Nickel, KathyRader, Marjorie (Marge)Robson RanchN1
Noble, CynthiaTally, KimBriarwoodN2
Orthen, DeniseLogan, ZaraBriarwoodN2
Penner, DianeSheffler, BeckySuperstition SpringsG1
Piette, BeverlyThompson, PollyBriarwoodG1
Rader, Marjorie (Marge)Nickel, KathyRobson RanchN1
Ritter, ColleenDarnell, JudyRobson RanchN1
Ritter, ColleenHorner, DebbieSuperstition SpringsN2
Roberts, CarolMaglio, KarenLos CaballerosN1
Sadeckas, CarolHrdlicka, RhondaBriarwoodN2
Schuller, B. J.Dinardo, BarbaraRavenG1
Selegue, LindaJenson, GloriaRavenN1
Semin, JanDaehling, PattiRobson RanchN2
Sheffler, BeckyPenner, DianeSuperstition SpringsG1
Sobba, LisaBaker, MollyLos CaballerosG1
Sorensen, LynnetteCrawford, PatriciaRobson RanchN1
Stevens, JoAnnMayfield, BarbaraLos CaballerosG1
Stubbs, TeresaAnderson, BethSuperstition SpringsN1
Stubbs, TeresaFlannery, DawnLos CaballerosG1
Tally, KimNoble, CynthiaBriarwoodN2
Tanke, RobynFullington, SallyRobson RanchG1
Thompson, PollyPiette, BeverlyBriarwoodG1
Toller, DonnaJackson, PatRobson RanchN2
Townsend, Lee AnnLathrop, KellyRobson RanchN2
Vandenbos, ArdisMeidl, DebbieLos CaballerosG1
Weaver, ShirleyHorner, DebbieRobson RanchN2
Weidenbach, LindaCraig, DonnaLos CaballerosN2
Williams, RonaDowd, LizRobson RanchG1

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