2023 Briarwood

Briarwood – Sun City West, AZ

November 30, 2023

We had 112 players at our Briarwood tournament on Nov 30th. The course was in great condition, and it was a beautiful day for golf. Thank you to Lindy Kueny and Cheryl Wente, our Tournament Directors, and to our Executive Committee for all of their hard work in managing this tournament.

You can view the full results on Golf Genius at https://www.golfgenius.com/pages/9308935132268219090

Overall Net Champions

1st Net Overall632Vandenbos, Ardis / Meidl, Debbie

Flight 1

1st Gross72Klasse, Leigh / Lucas, Vicki
1st Net68Hopp, Joan / Krapfl, Robin
2nd Net69Baker, Molly / Sobba, Lisa

Flight 2

1st Gross80Vandenbos, Ardis / Meidl, Debbie
1st Net63Kirkwood, Lavone / Brickey, Sharon
2nd Net67Dodds, Julie / Bonin, Theresa

Flight 3

1st Gross86Piette, Beverly / Thompson, Polly
1st Net69Johnston, Mary / Funk, Linda
2nd Net69Hrdlicka, Rhonda / Sadeckas, Carol

Flight 4

1st Gross89Cockerill, Judy / Himes, Alison
1st Net67Genrich, Sandi / Daehling, Patti
2nd Net68Noble, Cynthia / Tally, Kim

Flight 5

1st Gross89Cross, Jacque / Kindler, Diane
1st Net64Flannery, Dawn / Franck, Josette
2nd Net66Logan, Zara / Orthen, Denise

Closest to the Pin

Flt 1 14Closest to PinVicki Lucas
Flt 2 7Closest to PinGlona Jenson
Flt 3 11Closest to PinNancy Morris
Flt 4 3Closest to PinRomona Friederich
Flt 5 3Closest to PinKaren Maglio

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